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Manchester United have begun talks with Michael Carrick with the aim of keeping him for at least another year, according to reports in England. The Times report that the club would start talks with the veteran after their EFL Cup final clash with Southampton on February 26.

The 36-year old agreed to one-year deals in the last two years. However, Coach Jose Mourinho raised doubts with his comments about the player recently.

Michael Carrick to Be Offered Only £70,000 per Week to Stay at United

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Michael Carrick will have to take a huge pay cut in order to stay at Manchester United, according to reports.

The midfielder’s future is yet to be decided, although United are unlikely to be hurried about the situation. The 35-year-old only has less than six months left on his contract. Considering his age, however, United will be taking a relaxed approach towards offering him a new deal. Carrick has been an integral part in the United first team over the last few months. Despite his age, he has been able to perform in excellent fashion so much so that manager Jose Mourinho wished that the player was five years younger.

Is this the last season of Michael Carrick in Manchester United?

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Michael Carrick has been performing for Manchester United since 2006 after having completed his move from Tottenham Hotspur over to Old Trafford.

The transfer fee of the English midfielder was confirmed to be £14 million and from there on out, Carrick went to make over 280 appearances for the Premier League outfit and he has been able to secure major European titles including: Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, just to name a few of the more renowned and prestigious titles in the world of football.


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Back in the time Klopp and Mourinho were operating in different leagues, they were kind of buddies. Now, well they still claim to be buddies, but, the difference is that they now don’t mind dishing out a few taunts to each other when they are overseeing the first teams of two rival clubs in the same league.

Some time back, Klopp had said that a few coaches around him believe only in spending cash and bagging the superstars, but, he does not have the same ideology. Klopp was smart enough not to name Mourinho while he took that jab, but, one had to be very, very dumb not to understand whom he was talking about and which superstar he was pointing towards.

Carrick not worried about competition for places

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Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick said that he is not worried about his place in the team.

Indeed new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has brought in a couple of players in the team, and many of them can play in Carrick’s position. However, the midfielder has revealed that he is not scared of competition and that he will have to learn to live with it.

United can win title according to Carrick

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Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has stated that the Red Devils have the necessary players to win the title.

He said that a team like Manchester United should always be challenging for honors, and he believes that they have the proper ammunitions to win the title this time.

He said that the arrival of Jose Mourinho as manager had motivated the players as well as the fans and they believe that this could be their year. Ever since Alex Ferguson has retired from management, Manchester United has not managed to finish better than fourth in the league, but Michael Carrick believes that this will change this year.


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Michael Carrick and his wife were pictured enjoying their holiday pending his return to action for the Red Devils in the pre season tour with Jose Mourinho at the helms.

Before Louis van Gaal was sacked at the club, he called Michael Carrick aside and told the player to make plans outside the club as he had no future at Old Trafford. He appreciated the player for his services but said he had to be honest. Well, teh manger was the one that had to leave.


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